I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Game Development from Full Sail University with a strong understanding of 3D math, game engine architecture and code optimization.

I have over 5 years of Unity3D experience. I'm fluent with C++ and C# and have a thorough understanding of LUA. I've developed games for iOS, Android, PC (and Mac), Playstation 3 and the Nintendo 3DS.

Outside of work i spend my time writing books, producing educational content and researching new technologies. I'm equaly passionate about both engineering and education.

Employment History

  • Present 06/2017


    Developer Relations Engineer

  • 06/2017 01/2017

    GSN Games

    Client Engineer

  • 12/2016 07/2015

    Fun +

    Unity3D Engineer

  • 07/2015 07/2014

    WB Games SF

    Game Systems Engineer

  • 07/2014 10/2013

    KLab US

    Unity3D Content Programmer

  • 10/2013 03/2012

    Touch Factor

    Content Programmer

  • 03/2012 09/2011


    Programmer II

  • 09/2011 10/2010

    Kiz Toys

    Content Programmer


  • B.S. in Video Game Development 2010

    Full Sail University


Kiz Planet, The Muck Wars

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